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Baobab is a sacred tree for African culture and plays a vital role for those communities which find settlement close to them. Baobabs are symbol of power, presence, strength and grace.These trees provides extended benefits for the community.

The leaves are used to season the food or as medicine, the barks are used to sew clothes with the fibres, the fruits are eaten and the trunk which can be more than 30 meters width, storage water on rainy season that last over the dry season.

They believed that baobabs hold magical properties so they gather for meetings under the tree to receive help from it to make wise decisions for the community.

Baobabs can live more than 1000 years if count with good environmental conditions, count with immense beneficial properties for the surrounding communities and is are magical and sacred places where people gather around.

That’s exactly what Baobab House Atelier is, a sacred place for art and books, where people gather around to unleash their creative spirit and share the love for books, stationery and a handmade lifestyle. Want to join the tribe?

Baobab House Atelier is based in
Brisbane, Australia.

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